Our Tale ...

Once upon a time on the enchanting Land of Holy Island of Lindisfarne, Charlotte started her dreamland of sweets and treats and all things cheeky; Pilgrims Fudge Kitchen and Gelateria, in 2011. Then, in a swirl of fate, Cousin Farah joined her magical gelato adventure seven years later. Together, they embarked on a gelato odyssey that led them to the heart of gelato magic, Italy! It was here they perfected their gelato recipe and skills - bringing their knowledge and passion home to Holy Island!

But here’s the twist - their family had a curious mix of food quirks. So, armed with determination and a sprinkle of magic, Charlotte and Farah set out on a quest: creating seriously tasty vegan and gluten-free wonders. With a lot of hard work, determination and harnessing the power of oats, we created GelOato.  

But it didn't stop there and The Oat Kitchen was born, a realm where oats turn into all sorts of marvellous creations. From cookies that dance on your taste buds, brownies that melt in your mouth, to cones that hold dreams. Oh, and did we mention breakfast and protein bites that start your day with a high-five?

Their mission? To make something so incredible that when you take a bite, you’ll sit back and exclaim, “Now that’s remarkable!” So come, wander into the whimsical world of The Oat Kitchen, where every treat tells a tale of taste, love, and a pinch of oat-magic! 



Pilgrims Gelato has received grant assistance under the North of Tyne Rural Business Growth Service programme to support a project to expand the business production of gelato. The project enabled the establishment of a new gelato production facility including building refurbishment and the purchase of new machinery and associated equipment. The project is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund


Dig in and plant a tree with us

We’ve made it our mission to be as sustainable as possible, and part of that involves weaving restoration into the fabric of our business. Yup, for every 10 gelatos enjoyed, we're teaming up with TreeSisters to plant a tree and give Mother Earth a helping hand!

This means that shopping with us means more than just supporting a sustainable business. It means that a tree will be planted in the tropics (at no additional charge to you)! Specifically, we're helping support the restoration of environments, biodiversity and communities in over 10 major ecosystems.