Experience the best of vegan and gluten-free treats at The Oat Kitchen.

At The Oat Kitchen, we're all about breaking free from the ordinary and cooking up oat-fueled treats unlike any other. Made in Northumberland with only the best ingredients, we're not just about being free from restrictions - we're here to embrace the quirkiness of oats and tickle those taste buds, no matter your allergies!

Discover the reasons behind the Oat obsession.

  • Oats can contain a source of nutrients, including a variety of proteins, vitamins, and minerals that can support your daily activities.
  • They may also contain Beta-glucans which contribute to the maintenance of normal blood
    cholesterol levels.
  • Oats are seen as environmentally friendly and sustainable.
  • The taste is exceptional, and there are countless ways to enjoy them!

Discover our oat based products

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Located on the picturesque tidal island of Holy Island in Northumberland, the Oat Kitchen's scoop shop is a family affair. Embark on a magical day trip and cap off your adventure with a delightful assortment of treats at our shop!

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  • I had one of the best ice creams here! I had a Double Chocolate Brownie on a waffle cone, and OMG! This place is worth it!

    - Ryan

  • The best chocolate gelato I've ever had!

    - Ruby

  • This was brilliant!
    An example of how food businesses should be; catering for everyone.

    - Elliot